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Living with Wolves is bringing down the walls of misperception.
Wolves have always stirred the human imagination. For many Americans they hold a special place, capturing peoples’ hearts and minds as inspiring symbols of all things wild. For others, however, wolves are creatures of nightmare – their mere existence triggering irrational fear and hatred.
Wolves have been driven to near extinction in the past, and now exist primarily as a reintroduced species in only parts of their former habitat. As arguments rage about how much protection to offer
wolves, and for how long, these key predators are once again being hunted and shot.

At the core of the wolf issue is anti-wolf sentiment based on old myths and fears. To learn about wolves, information must be presented in engaging ways. This is where Living with Wolves comes in.
For six years, Jim and Jamie Dutcher lived among a pack of wolves in the wilderness of Idaho, filming them, listening to them and earning their trust. These wolves became known as the Sawtooth Pack. By socializing with the pack from the time they were pups, the Dutchers were able to observe the wolves intimate behavior in a way that few people have.  What Jim and Jamie witnessed and recorded was a social, intelligent animal, capable of expressing compassion, devoted to their family, with a need for companionship.
Wolves will remain together to protect their injured. It is their deep familial bond and this profound devotion to one another that makes wolves so easy to kill.

Sharing the story of the Sawtooth Pack creates an immediate and lasting connection with wolves. The close-up images and intimate stories of the pack affect people at an emotional level. Our unique collection of multi-media materials sets Living with Wolves and our educational programs apart, providing information that untangles the myths.

In the past year, we wrote five magazine articles for over 3 million readers. We gave 28 presentations in 11 states in every region of the U.S. at schools, museums, nature centers and community theaters, reaching tens of thousands of adults and children.
Audiences of all ages learn that the wolves being killed in the American West and Midwest are not just numbers. The “ambassador wolves” of the Sawtooth Pack shift peoples’ view of wolves from an abstract concept to animals they now know. As a result, people get it that ALL wolves are like those of the Sawtooth Pack.

In 2009 we will continue our public presentations, magazine articles and meetings with decision makers. We will also increase our influence via the Internet -- identifying the things people can do to help save wolves and bringing the sights and sounds of wolves to students and adults everywhere. Educating the public and changing opinions takes time, and it is happening. For the most part, wolves live on federal lands. It was a national effort to bring them back. Everyone can have a say about their future.

Your donation will support our important work in the year to come. Please join Living with Wolves knowing that you are directly helping to protect wolves. Click here to donate to Living with Wolves.
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